NORAC SDN BHD | Projects
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Failure Analysis Project

  1. Failure Investigation – Compressor Bearing Failures, Siemens Gas Turbine V94.2 Unit 4, Putrajaya Power Station. (Lead Investigator)
  2. Failure Investigation – Coal Classifier Cone Failures, Mill 40 Unit 3, SJ SAS Manjung. (Lead Investigator).
  3. Failure Investigation – Rotor unbalance due to Journal Bearing Stiffness failure, Siemens Gas Turbine V94.2 Unit 4, Putrajaya Power Station
  4. Failure Investigation – Failure of Bearing Unit 2B GE F9 100MW SJ SI Paka
  5. Failure Investigation – Failure of Inner Casing Combustion Chamber, Siemens Gas Turbine V94.2 Unit 4, Putrajaya Power Station. (Lead Investigator)
  6. Failure Investigation – Waterwall tubes, Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 SJ SAS Manjung. (Lead Investigator)
  7. Failure Investigation – Screw Type Pump Failures, SJ Kenyir. (Lead Investigator)
  8. Failure Investigation – Failure of Condensate extraction pump shafts, unit 2 & unit 3, SJSAS Manjung. (Lead Investigator)
  9. Failure Investigation – The Failure Of A 275 KV Operating Mechanism Shaft. (Lead Investigator)
  10. Sea Water Lift Pump Failure – Lead Investigator

Brownfield Project

  1. Conceptual Design for E8K- K2500 Compressor Re-Wheeling – Sarawak Shell
  2. Chemical Injection Package for Offshore Maydan Mahzam – QP
  3. Project Qatar Onshore Dukhan (Pump)
  4. Re-rate Feed Water Pump for Coal Power Plant
  5. Replacement of Condensate Pump for Coal Power Plant

Greenfield Project

  1. Compressor Station – Turkey
  2. Water Treatment Plant
  3. Package 32 QMI / FTNIR Product Release System – RAPID PENGERANG
  5. Track 4A 1440MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project
  6. Package 33: EPCC of RAPID Excess Low Pressure (LP) Steam Turbine Generator